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Gabriel Voon

Senior Coach

Beyond Insights Sdn Bhd

Gabriel is the Senior Coach of Beyond Insights Investment & Trading Education. He is also a full time trader with many years of stock market experience in trading Stocks, Options, CFD and Futures.

He is very much a family man - blessed with four wonderful boys and 2 of them in recent years. With his current life style as a trader he is able to spend as much time as he want with the family; and that's the wonderful about investing and trading, it's a skill that last a life time, a skill that can generate income anytime, anywhere.

In this session Gabriel will share with you the ups and downs he has gone through before discovering the “Hedge Funds Secrets” to investing well. He will show you how the stock market can help you achieve your financial goals within the shortest time by leveraging on the Beyond Insights way.

Hafiz Rusli

Institutional Dealer

MIDF Investment Bank Berhad

Institutional dealer at MIDF Investment Bank Berhad. His primary role is to oversees involvement of local and foreign funds in Malaysia equity market. Hafiz graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy and has been a qualified Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) since 2013. He holds a CMSRL issued by the SC under the CMSA. Co-founder of Fusion Infinite Capital, a training and consulting entity. He conduct training and responsible in market updates column.





他近年来仍风尘仆仆地在世界各地为投资大众服务,已被誉为"亚洲股市教父"。著有《胡立阳年轻人出人头地100招》、《胡立阳股票投资100招》、《胡立阳决战股市50 招》、《胡立阳股票投资致胜30秘则》皆为排行榜冠军书籍并长年热销中。

Jack Brown

Senior Art Broker

Art Futures Group

Jack Brown hails from Manchester, United Kingdom. With over five years' experience trading and investing in art and other alternative asset commodities, he offers a wealth of insights on the industry.

Mr. Brown has his finger on the pulse of trends and developments across the art world. His travels around the art capitals of Europe, studying different styles and forms of art, make him well placed to talk about the differences in the European and Asian markets, advise investors on what to look for when buying European art and anticipate how the scene will further mature in Asia.

Mr. Brown is passionate and knowledgeable about the art industry and was exposed to art from an early age. His mother was a high school art teacher, while his grandmother, Mary Fogg, a painter and potter, was a founder member of the renowned Welsh Art Group. Her dreamlike, usually figurative works won admiration for their converging and separating forms and interplay of light and dark. With his family background contributing to his unique perspective on the contemporary art scene, Mr. Brown's reflections are sure to be engaging and stimulating.

Jessie Lee


Soleil Trinity Resource

Jessie Lee is the owner and founder of Soleil Trinity Resource, a professional Chinese Metaphysics boutique consultancy firm in Malaysia, specializing in all aspects of Tarot Card reading, Bazi consultation, Palm and Face reading, Feng Shui consultation and Auspicious Date selection.

Her personal spiritual journey began and bloomed in her early teens, where she was exposed to the various studies of classical Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Bazi, Face Reading, Date Selection and Yi Jing as well as Tarot Readings, all fields in which she is professionally trained and certified.

With over 18 years of diverse experience in the industry, Jessie continues to spearhead spiritual guidance sessions, workshops and classes for both the local and international audience in Hong Kong, London, Australia and the United States of America. As the largest Tarot Reading force in Malaysia, Jessie has now extended her classes to a strong following of students from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Kathlyn Toh

Director, Chief Trainer & Coach

Beyond Insights Sdn Bhd

Kathlyn Toh is a professional investor and trader who earns her wealth trading the Global Indices, US Stocks, Options, CFD and Commodity Futures. While we have been hearing news about uncertain and volatile economy conditions, Kathlyn has been making average 300% returns per annum in the past 4 years.

Leries Goh

Manager, Contracts For Difference

CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Leries Goh has more than 8 years of extensive experience in various financial products inclusive of equities, CFDs, futures and forex. Having been travelled around the world prior to entering the financial industry helps her gain in-depth understanding and diverse exposure and thus able to look at trading and investing from a more wholesome perspective. She has also obtained a Chinese Language and Literature Degree from Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学) and trained in Marketing & Business Management.

She is now a CFD specialist and manager in CIMB Securities Singapore. Effectively bilingual, Leries speaks in various seminars regularly in regional countries and conducts training for internal sales force, clients and savvy investors.

Martin Jacks

General Manager

Complete Real Estate & Management Sdn Bhd

Martin has built a wealth of experience and knowledge on global property markets and the mechanics of overseas buy-to-let investment. He has over a decade of exposure within the property investment and management sector, and is considered an expert advisor to international real estate investors with a strong track record of maximizing capital returns of his clients' investment portfolios.

Merven Robert S/O Francis Pereira

Sales Director

Black Mineral Pte Ltd (Kuala Lumpur)

Previously an Executive in the Oil & Gas Industry for a decade, Merven Robert had a career switch as a Sales and Marketing Professional for Hospitality and Investment Developers Worldwide. He specializes in start-ups, turnarounds and conversions in these industries for the last 20 years.

Merven's extensive knowledge in domestic and international experiences has won him with outstanding results! He is currently the Sales Director for Black Mineral Pte Ltd with their KL branch.

Mohd. Redza Sazali


RHB Investment Bank Berhad

Mohd Redza is currently a remisier holding a CMSRL license to deal with equity market. Redza graduated with a Bachelor in Industrial Physics and received a recognition by United Kingdom Society of Technical Analyst for the Certified Technical Analyst (MSTA) and also by the Federation of Technical Analyst for the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe). An Honored speaker for Fusion Infinte Capital and Grepstrader Society, he often shared his insight at seminar and investment roadshows. An active trader in equity and derivative market, he also exploring Gap Analysis Setup (GAS) to find high probability in trading using gap pattern.

Dato' Dr. Nazri Khan

Head Of Retail Research

Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd

Dato' Dr. Nazri Khan is an Economic & Finance degree graduate of the University of Manchester, a licensed equity analyst with international experience, conducting over 500 investment courses in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Sudan and Egypt.

He is currently the Senior Associate Director, Head of Retail Research in Affin Hwang Investment Bank Bhd and is a Full Member Of The UK Society Of Technical Analyst. Prior to Affin, he was the Head Of Research in MIMB Investment Bank and formerly sit in Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia boards of equity market trainer. He has been a weekly columnist in Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian and the leading media stock market commentator in TV3, Astro Awani, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Star, The Edge and Bernama.

He is also currently the Chief Strategist for Affin Investment Bank high net worth clients, advising primarily in IPO and Private Placement. Finally, he is a PhD holder from Multimedia University and is a Certified Financial Technician affiliated with International Federation Of Technical Analyst.

Ooi Kok Hwa

Managing Partner

MRR Consulting

Mr. Ooi is the Managing Partner of MRR Consulting, dealing mainly with Business Appraisal, Investment and Financial Training. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) and is also a licensed Investment Advisor by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Paul Baker

Head of International

Meridin Properties

Paul Baker has been actively involved in marketing international properties from the UK, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and The USA to clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong for many years. Originally from London in the UK, Paul moved to Malaysia in 2005 and has since been active not only in sourcing and developing projects to market but recruiting and training teams of international property consultants. He is also a highly experienced public speaker and his regular seminars include “Risk, Liquidity and Time Line – Your Guide to Investing in International Properties" which has proved very popular amongst Asian Investors.

Pauline Teo

Director of Education & Training

8 Investment Pte Ltd

Ms. Pauline Teo serves as the General Manager of 8I Holdings Limited, a public listed company listed in the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX:8IH).

Pauline is responsible for the management and operations of the financial education and training seminar business segment of 8 Education Pte Ltd and 8 Education Sdn Bhd, wholly owned subsidiaries under 8I Holdings Ltd. She is also one of the key speakers/trainers for the various programs, seminars and coaching sessions that 8I Holdings undertakes.

As a Value Investor, Pauline has successfully compounded her investment at more than 20% compounding return per year since 2010. She also authored a Value Investing book titled “Value Investing for Women”, where the first print was sold out within 3 months.

Pauline graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Methodology) and a Bachelor in Business Studies.

Rohit Gadia

Founder & CEO

CapitalVia Consulting Private Limited

Rohit Gadia is a visionary entrepreneur who founded CapitalVia; a Financial Market Research and Consulting Company in 2006 in India. The business achieved significant success accelerating both growth and profitability since inception. CapitalVia now has 1000+ Employees and operations in India, Singapore & Delaware (US).

He is masters in Finance (Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions) from S P Jain - Centre of Management, Dubai – Singapore. He was the first one to receive the SP Jain Alumni Award for professional Excellence 2010 and recognized as winner of ET-NOW Awards in 2012. Under his leadership, CapitalVia also retained Red Herring, Deloitte, Corporate LiveWire, Franchise India and TiE Awards in last 4 years.

Sandy Jadeja

Chief Market Strategist

Master Trading

Sandy Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading a leading education company offering products and training for Commodities, Stocks, CFD’s and Foreign Exchange. Mr. Jadeja has been involved with the financial markets for over 25 years and is a widely recognized and respected market analyst and trainer for trading strategies along with being voted in the Top 50 most influential trader in 2011 as well as having received several awards from 2003 – 2015 for Best Education in Asia and UK.

Mr Jadeja has held senior positions as Chief Market Strategist, Chief Technical Analyst and Head of Global Education for leading trading establishments including IFX Markets, Finspreads, ODL Securities, CMS FX, City Index, FX Solutions and currently for Vibhs Financial.

Having featured as a regular weekly guest analyst and market commentator for 13 years on CNBC's Closing-Bell and Squawk Box, Mr. Jadeja also created and provided an exclusive educational course on Technical Analysis for CNBC Europe’s Strictly Money program which was the first ever International educational TV program on Technical Analysis.

Tanzie Ong


Capital Asia Group

Tanzie Ong has never dreamt of settling down for the average. Her dream, is instead, achieving financial freedom by the age of 30 so that she could pursue her life goals while financial factors being the least of her worries.

It was in 2012 when she chance upon a young financial author and speaker whose financial success was built from investing and businesses in alternative investment products such as development banking, gold, silver and crude oil, that has inspired her to build her career together with him.

Tanzie has since joined Jonathan Quek as a pioneering team member of Capital Asia Group Malaysia, having sold over RM 400 million worth of crude oil since 2012.

Today, she is indeed realizing her financial freedom goals while she helps her clients to achieve a consistent positive cashflow of no less than 12% per annum in the physical crude oil trade and with a peace of mind.

Dr. Thiti Tharasuk


Chart Master Co. Ltd (Thailand)

A successful full time trader with more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Thiti is the founder of "Art Trading Methodology". This revolutionary trading method has help thousands of students who have previously struggled from achieving success in trading. His knowledge enables him to think 3 steps ahead of other traders around the world.

Fred Tam

Malaysia's "Guru" of Technical Analysis & Best-Selling Author

F1 Academy of Technical Analysis

Fred Tam is a well-known stock and futures market analyst, author, columnist and public speaker among the Malaysian investing public. He is the author of six books on the Malaysian stock and futures markets. He was a regular columnist for the Malaysian Business Magazine, Nanyang Siang Pau, Business Times of the New Straits Times and Berita Harian.

Fred Tam has studied securities and commodities futures trading techniques in the USA under Professor Hank O.Pruden of Golden Gate University, San Francisco; George Lane, Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein, Dr. Bill Williams, Steve Nison, Robert Miner, Joe Dinapoli, Tom Dorsey and many other prominent US traders. Fred Tam uses a combination of technical indicators to track the markets. He has developed his own winning computerised trading system called “The F1 Trader System” which is absolutely excellent for trading stocks and futures markets. This system mimics Japanese candlestick charting signals. He also developed the MTF system of trading in 2012 and presented his findings at IFTA 2012 Conference, Singapore.

Spencer Li


Synapse Trading Pte Ltd

Spencer Li is a professional trader & coach, with over 10 years of market experience. He is also the founder of, providing free financial education to over a million people worldwide through his articles, videos and seminars.

He embarked on his trading journey at an early age by reading over 200 books, and went on to trade professionally for private equity and proprietary funds. By 27, he had achieved financial freedom, and decided to quit his job to travel the world and share his strategies.

At 28, he was invited to provide training for the Singapore Exchange (SGX), making him the youngest SGX trainer in history. One year later, he was selected to share his success story to thousands of people from all over the world at the National Achievers Congress.

Having shared the stage with other prominent speakers such as Adam Khoo, Jim Rogers, Jay Abraham and Chris Gardner, he is featured regularly in the media and highly sought after to share his trading strategies and market views.

He holds double degrees in Accountancy & Finance from the Singapore Management University (SMU), and is also a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) conferred by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Senthil Kumar

Co-Founder and Stock Market Master Trainer

First Traders Network

Senthil Kumar is the Co-Founder and Stock Market Master Trainer with First Traders Network. By the age of 32 he has achieved full financial freedom from investing and now spends most of his time maintaining his own investment portfolio generating over 5 figures in monthly income. He is enjoying the freedom from being a real full time trader.

Coming from a very humble background and holding a Master Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and has held management post in various MNC companies like Samsung, Panasonic and Daikin.

He soon came to realize the importance of creating 2nd income or passive income especially after seeing one of his company announcing retrenchment and the pain behind it for those who were totally unprepared for such news. With limited savings and with no one to fall back too, SK started his investment journey in early 2005 by investing in himself.

SK has now more than 10 years of trading experience in relation to stocks and 8 years with stock options, futures, commodities, forex. However, he now chooses to only specialize in trading stocks and options with the use of Technical Analysis.

Now SK is a well-known professional trader, investment manager, chief trainer and a public speaker as well. SK’s has spent the last 4 years proving to others his ability to spot stocks or commodities just before its a bullish run has made him a well followed trader by his students and other fellow market traders.

Together with his partner Terence Tan whom is also the founder of First Traders Network both of them have since 2 years ago started a proprietary private fund management company in Singapore managing and creating more wealth for investors that believes in their trading philosophy and techniques. As the investment manager for this private fund they are currently managing a multi million investment portfolio for private investors. This fund has been growing in size and outperforming many expectations ever since.

Dr David Kuo


The Motley Fool Singapore

Dr David Kuo is the CEO of The Motley Fool Singapore. He is also the Lead Analyst for Motley Fool Singapore’s Stock Advisor Gold premium service.

He is a renowned financial broadcaster. He can be heard on the BBC World Service’s Business Matters Show, where he arouses listeners from Singapore in the East to New York in the West.

As a champion of long-term income investing, David sees stock market falls as terrific opportunities to buy solid dividend-paying shares at knock-down prices.

David’s views are regularly sought by the BBC, CNBC, Fox, RT and ChannelNewAsia and 938Live! His weekly newsletter Take Stock Singapore has around 100,000 readers. He is also a columnist at the Straits Times.

He is a regular guest host on CNBC’s global business programme, Street Signs, and BBC’s Asia Business Report.

Teh Gaik Cheong



现任大东方人寿集团营业经理( Group Agency Manager)






Ziad Melhem

Chief Marketing Officer

Amana Capital Group

In addition to being the Chief Marketing Officer at Amana Capital Group, one of the leading financial groups, Ziad operates as a certified trainer for with an experience of more than 15 years in this industry. Relying on his professional engagement in the financial industry, Ziad uses his experience to introduce new and advanced trading concepts based on the market evolution. He also emphasizes on the importance of patience and planning when trading in the market, allowing the investors to improve their skills. Ziad is known for his unique pattern of investing that merges technical tactics and common sense.

Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar

Founder & Group CEO

Max Capital Management Holding Ltd

After graduate, he ventured into network marketing business where he built his valuable marketing &sales skills, leadership, event management and network from many professions and industries, locally and globally.

He then ventured into international commodity trading business and later into international property investment and development projects.

He is frequently invited as VIP speaker for many international events and conference, like the 2014 ASEAN Real Estate Investment Summit organized by Malaysian Government Agency CIDB and UBM, Financial Growth Summit organized by Summit Capital and Affin Hwang Capital. He also does live TV appearing on BloombergTV Malaysia & Bernama TV.

James Yap


Rayford Advisory Sdn Bhd.

James is a fellow member of the Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA) and has been in business for the past 30 years with operations in migration beginning after becoming a PR of Australia. He completed his Accounting qualifications from the UK.

James is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0701633) and also a member of Migration Institute from Australia (MMIA 2738).

James with extensive experience in migration of over 10 years can assist clients in most types of Australian visas. James office undertakes visas for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and also Malaysia. James has successfully assisted over 8,000 clients from all over the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Iran, India, China, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and other countries to migrate.

Max Ng, CEO

CFP, CA(M), B. Commerce (Accounting)

I-MAX Financial Sdn Bhd

Max Ng is a Licensed Financial Planner with Securities Commission Malaysia and a Financial Adviser’s Representative with Bank Negara Malaysia. He has over 16 years in the financial services industry. Graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), he started his audit career in Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers and subsequently joined his client, a Japanese multinational company in finance and Logistics.

Having obtained his membership as a Certified Practicing Accountant (Australia) in 2004, he developed an interest in investment and joined the top unit trust management company in Malaysia providing needs based investment planning services. During that time, he also obtained his membership as a Chartered Accountant (Malaysia) by Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in 2007.

Being one of the youngest group agency manager at that time, he felt that there is more to investments than just mere selling of products. Therefore believing in long-term learning and continuous self-development, he went on to pursue his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) in 2008 to enhance his knowledge and services level and to also bring this relatively new profession in Malaysia to greater heights.

In 2010, together with Ivy Yee, he co-founded I-MAX Financial Sdn Bhd with the vision of providing Malaysians independent financial advice through the services of an I-MAX Financial Adviser. This is in line with the company’s tagline “Your Neighborhood Financial Adviser”.

Joel Lim

Senior Relationship Manager

Black Mineral Pte Ltd

Joel Lim has been in the banking sector and private investments for 14 years.

His decade career as a banker began with local banks serving mass market and moving to private investment and funding projects around South-East Asia and China in the last 4 years.

He is an investment marketing strategist and has a decade of experience in wealth management. He specialises in using the internet and social media extensively to develop new business and products.

In the last couple of years he has worked with different organisations in crowdfunding and alternative investments, and built strong network in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Macns Hoo

Founder & Trainer

Maccns Academy

Macns Hoo is the founder and trainer of Maccns Academy. Maccns Academy is the first investment education group in Malaysia to share analysis on the stock market in Facebook since 2010. Before establishing Maccns Academy in 2010, he was a lecturer for 7 years.

Today, many remisiers and over hundreds of students are now benefiting from the Maccns System. Maccns Academy provides professional Technical Analysis strategies courses and back end support for remisiers and students with the latest analysis on the stock market. Macns was interviewed by Global Fortune Magazine in 2014.

Jery Lai

Senior Manager

ShareInvestor Malaysia

With more than 7 years of experience in stocks investments, Jery joined ShareInvestor Malaysia as Product Manager in mid-2014.

Within a year, he was promoted to Senior Manager and now leads the Market Data and Marketing departments. With an extensive knowledge of ShareInvestor products, Jery is able to present every feature in each product in an easily understandable manner.

JO Mathews

Managing Director

Reign Gainers

Mr JO Mathews, Managing Director of Reign Geoponics and Reign Gainers, has extensive experience in Vertical Hydro Agri Systems.

With more than a decade of experience in property investments, Mr JO Mathews has conducted seminars to help investors understand the benefits of making the right decisions that can pay healthy dividends.

In his drive to create investment opportunities, Mr JO Mathews has been studying the role urban farming plays in a country’s food security, which is a pressing problem in many countries today.

He has also consulted experts in Singapore and overseas on the best methods to constantly supply fresh, healthy crops to consumers, especially those who live in crowded cities where land for agriculture is in short supply.

It has taken him to Israel and United States to source out the latest technologies and efficient methods that can yield the best harvests. He chose the Vertical Hydro Agri Systems which he believes best fits the needs of Singapore and the region.

In Singapore, Mr JO Mathews also consulted agricultural experts, especially in urban farming, to help chart Reign Geoponics growth as the company continues to upgrade its technology in the coming years.

Jackson Ng


終極螺旋企業 (Ultimate Spiral Enterprise)

Mr Jackson Ng, graduated from Singapore NTU with master degree. Mr Ng has been in KLSE for more than 20 years experience, he specialize in identifying corporate growing curve and focus on long term investment target.



Joseph Chai


終極螺旋企業 (Ultimate Spiral Enterprise)

Mr Joseph Chai, graduated from Singapore NTU with bachelor degree. Mr Joseph has been actively training investors spanning Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Throughout years of training, he has guided students to master Technical Analysis. Recently his focus is to coach investors to combine Fundamental Analysis and Corporate Action Study.


Royce Teh

Professional Crude Palm Oil Future Trader

Royce teh is a professional Crude Palm Oil Futures Trader whose expertise in ‘Strategy Analysis’ has seen him countering daily market trends since 2001. Strategy Analysis is a powerful trading tool which combines 4 major trading elements “Accuracy”, Consistency”, “Efficiency”, and Opportunity” to achieve minimum risk and optimum returns with profits.

Paid Seminar


Asia’s Top Investment Guru, Hu Li Yang will return to Invest Fair again to deliver his personal insights into the global markets.

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Guess The Index

Guess the correct FBMKLCI closing on Friday 8 July 2016 and stand a chance to win 2 return air tickets to Hong Kong with accommodation provided!

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